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Hiring Talent ... Realities


Many “experts” will tell you that you need to hire “A” players … that it takes “A” players to attract “A” players and anything less is unacceptable. 

There is nothing wrong with setting out to find and hire “A” players … I just think that the real world is a little different.

Here are my thoughts … in no particular order

1.  There are not enough A players to go around … and its getting tougher to find them.  Demographics and changing attitudes will exacerbate this.
2.  It is better to have a B player than nobody.
3.  It is possible to elevate people’s game … if they have the right attitude.
4.  IF you adopt a “don’t settle” attitude then you WILL be disappointed … I would suggest that you set a minimum bar, below which you won’t go. 
5.  Invest in your team, invest in your processes and invest in tools … if you bring on people willing to learn and willing to work you will be just fine.
6.  Sometimes (often?) the “superstar A Player”  brings so much ego with them that the results are just not worth the pain.
7.  A good team is far more preferable to me than a couple of high maintenance superstars.
8.  There is a school of thought that suggests the success rates of superstars moving from one company to another is questionable … because no two companies are exactly the same.  A different support structure, different product , different management and different company cultures might mean a superstar at company A might not do so well at company B.

So … YES grab the A players when you can, but invest in your team and they will deliver for you.  I would sooner be moving forward than “waiting for Ms. Right”!