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Less is More

The best salespeople do a lot more listening than talking.  Less talking is better.

The best proposals are succinct, make their point in as few words possible, allowing the main messages to be heard loud and clear and not be drowned out by the “noise”.  Less words are better.

The best business processes are clean and quick, with all extraneous steps removed making for greater efficiency.  Less steps are better.

The best software code is clean, crisp and efficient employing efficient thinking and not “spaghetti code”.  Achieving the desired result with less code is more efficient to maintain and modify later.

The most efficient companies operate with the smallest workforce possible, balancing their needs for growth with a slight cushion, supplemented by outsourced process and a flexible workforce to meet spikes in demand.  Less staff means less cost, and an ability to focus the best benefits on the staff they have.

Now … if only I could write blog entries with less words!!!  I can only dream of being as eloquent as Seth Godin!