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Achieving Success - A How To Guide

Success can mean a lot of different things to different people but if you are looking for success in your career and in business then this blog entry might be a good source for you.  I have blogged on the subject several times, and I have compiled input from a number of different people that combined, will give you a broad perspective on success.

I will start with a recent blog entry by Steve Tobak, an executive and consultant whose articles  I follow.  It was his recent article, 12 Rules for Business Success that gave me the idea to compile all of these views on this subject.

It appears that Steve got his idea for a blog entry from an article about Bob Parson’s 16 Rules for Success (from a new billionaire).  Bob Parsons is the CEO of which sold for about $2 Billion … which would suggest that he knows something about success.

As mentioned earlier, I have written blog entries on this subject a few time.  About ten years after starting Eagle I wrote a blog entry called What I have Learned About Success.   Five years later I don’t think I would change my thinking.

Steven Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has been a big influence for me.  I like his framework and thinking, and believe that if you subscribe to his thinking it will be a good step on the road to success.

John Izzo is another consultant and “big thinker” that I respect and follow.  His book The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die is a fantastic, and easy, read.  Once again, great advice towards achieving success.

Over the years at Eagle we have had a number of guest speakers at our in-house training and development sessions. Kit Grant is one of them, and he has a “no nonsense” approach to life … encouraging people to take control of their own destiny.  At Kit’s sessions he will hand out a card that you can keep in your wallet (I keep mine with me) and it outlines Kit’s 10 Steps to Success.

Some people reading this might be in their first job, and some might be in a new job … even if you have been in your job a long time then the next reference might be a good “reminder”.  I wrote a blog entry called First Job/New Job … Do It Right.  If you want to be successful in business, then the place to start is to be successful in your job!

It would be hard to dispute that Steve Jobs has been successful and he has listed his 12 Rules of Success.   The link also refers to a famous commencement speech by Jobs at Stanford … all good input to your search for success.

One of the keys to success has to be perseverance, a resilience that allows you to battle through adversity.  Perhaps one of the best examples of this would be Abe Lincoln, and I used that example in my blog entry What is Standing in the Way of Your Success?

There is a LOT of material in this blog entry … BUT if you think success comes easy then you should read them all!  If you recognize that hard work is one part of achieving success then reading through all of these links will not be a chore.  There is a lot of wisdom, from a lot of successful people here, I hope you find it useful!