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Stick to the Plan


Many entrepreneurs and successful people talk about developing a plan, and then “working” the plan.

Many successful salespeople follow a professional approach and methodology to selling … and once the sale is made, the best salespeople stop selling!  (They “work” the plan).

In our everyday lives we can save ourselves a lot of heartache if we just “stick with the plan” instead of reinventing it.

A classic, and very simple example would suggest that if you agree with your spouse to meet at a specific time, at a specific place then sticking to that plan will avoid confusion.

If you sit in a meeting with  client, a supplier, a partner and you agree to a course of action … then changing that action unilaterally, even if your intentions are the best, can be a problem!

So … plans can be everything from the simple ‘meet you at Starbucks at 5pm” to a complicated project meeting involving 250 items.  The way to success however is the same … STICK WITH THE PLAN!!!

Caveat:  Plans are not cast in concrete … it is fine to revisit plans, with EVERYONE involved!!!