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The Comfort Zone


The comfort zone” is a magical and mythical place … it is a risk-free, accountability-free, scrutiny-free zone that we all wish for at times!

Wouldn’t it be just wonderful to get to work when we want, do what we want, leave when we want and still get a full salary.  Perhaps we could add in a few extra perks … longer vacations, indexed pensions, guaranteed job security … and pluck a few dollars from the money tree to pay for it all!

I live in the real world … and in my world everything has a price, I need to live within my means, I need to accommodate a hostile and changing world, I need to evolve and grow every day because otherwise my competition will pass me by.

What is your REAL world?  The next time you feel like complaining because you have been “pushed outside your comfort zone” maybe you should stop for thirty seconds, think about it … and say thanks to whomever did the pushing.

Being outside your comfort zone helps you grow, makes you a better person, moves you closer to goals, is the only true job security … (if it exists at all),is cause for celebration!

Don’t get too comfortable … I think there have been more than a few industries, companies and individuals left in the dust of “innovation”, “modernization”, “progress’ etc. by staying in their comfort zone!