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The Job of Finding Work

Some time ago I wrote a blog entry called Finding a Job.  If you are currently looking for work then you may want to take time to read it, perhaps even print it out and highlight the parts that apply most to you. There is a LOT of detail in there.

Here are some HIGH LEVEL thought to go with that post:

1.  The act of finding a job is a job itself!   Treat it like that … get up every morning, get ready for WORK and then set to the tasks at hand.

2.  You need a PLAN… with action items, and you need to work really HARD on those items.  (see the Finding a Job post).

3.  You CANNOT cut corners… sending the same (lame?) covering letter with an attached resume is lazy … customize for EVERY situation.

4.  In the same vein …work really HARD on your resume.  Include everything that is relevant (charitable work etc) … do NOT include stuff that is irrelevant (some hobbies etc).  Get help, get other people’s advice, look at other people’s resumes for ideas.

5.  Keep an open mind… all you need is ONE job and you may need to compromise to get it.

Stay positive, work hard, present the right image and you will be successful.

“I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions.”  Stephen Covey