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Seth Godin provided the motivation for these thoughts with his recent blog entry, What You Should worry About!   His conclusion was that we shouldn’t worry about anything … it just doesn’t help.

Of course I agree with him, but I say that in addition to “not helping”, worry actually works against a good solution!  I believe that when we worry, we fill our brains with negative thoughts, with potential problems and with potential roadblocks to success.  The result is a kind of mental “panic”:

(a) it makes it harder to conceive of solutions because our focus is elsewhere;

(b) it makes it harder to think of positive answers because our brain is focused on negative thoughts; and

(c) even easy potential solutions might avoid us because we are consumed by a swirl of thoughts … none of which are bringing any value!

We all worry … even the most positive people in the world worry, it is human nature.  Often the worry is totally irrational … I wrote a blog about that called What We Worry About, referencing a Time article on the subject.  So, not only do we worry, which brings no value to a situation, but we worry about the wrong stuff!   For example, we worry about getting mad cow disease but not so much about that affects of junk food … nobody dies from mad cow, yet obesity accounts for a high percentage of deaths in modern society!

Sales people in particular are very good at worrying  … about whether they will make a sale, about whether someone will answer their calls, about whether the person will be a tough customer etc etc.   I wrote a blog entry about how this kind of Fear Can Paralyse a Sales Person.   it is very easy to worry about “what if …” but if you want to be successful, reduce stress and have a far easier life then you need to deal with that kind of irrational thinking.

Some people deal with it better than others … but we can all learn to deal with worry in a way that reduces its impact.  

1.  Working at keeping a positive attitude will reduce the amount of worrying .. I wrote a blog entry during the recession called Don’t Worry be Happy!   

2.  Putting things into perspective instead of brooding on them is another tactic.  Think of the fact that there are some things that you can’t change … so focus on the things that you can change!  Do not focus on all the things that could go wrong!!!

3.  Create an action plan that will address the situation as best you can.  Focusing on positive action will allow your brain to push out those irrational thoughts!  Everyone feels better when there is a plan and it is moving along!

We can’t change our nature, some of us are naturally more prone to worrying … but we can all do something about it!!!