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Do Your SalesPeople Hear You?


How often do you you think your sales team listen to you, but not hear what you are saying?

Probably you don’t know … because you think they heard what was said.

The reality is, very often we don’t process the information that comes into our ears correctly!  We use filters that bias what we hear.

Have you ever heard the words, “Its not going quite how we expected” … but processed it as “we are doing great” … OR “we are in big trouble”.  BUT you didn’t ask the questions you needed to ask to be sure you REALLY understood the message.  That is what salespeople do … inside they are saying, “ya, ya, ya … can I go sell yet?” OR they are looking at their PDAs, hoping they can get away soon!

As companies we develop messages that we want our sales teams to take to market … do you REALLY understand what they are saying?  Are they saying “yes I get it” to your face and delivering whatever they think it should be to their clients?  Do you role play with them to ensure they have it right?  You send an email to your team telling them the 4 messages you want delivered about the new line of business … do you actually know what they are saying to their clients?

It all starts with listening … and listening is not just about hearing the words, it is about understanding the meaning behind those words, the true message!

Sometimes the “listener” needs to hear the message in various ways … send the email, follow up with a conference call and finish with some role playing.  NOW you have some chance that the message will have been REALLY heard!

 You cannot assume your messages are being delivered correctly … you need to be sure, or YOU become the one who doesn’t know what your company is selling!