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Fighting Change versus Advocating for Constituents


I wrestle with this problem … when does fighting change that hurts my industry become fighting change that is good … OR is it possible they can be both! 

I believe that our world has changed … forever. Technological advances, global competition, the recession, changing needs of society have all contributed to this fundamental change … in basically every industry.

I can go online and get someone half way around the world to do almost any kind of work I want at a fraction of what it might cost me locally.

Canadian companies compete with people who have never set foot in our country.

Clients are living with their realities … smaller budgets, more competition, tougher business environment,   ‘tough to get’ financing etc.

As a business owner I have a responsibility to my staff and contractors to keep my company healthy so they can pay their mortgages; and to my clients to supply them with quality people, quickly and at a good price.

I have a responsibility to the community that has allowed us to build a company and has supplied the workforce and clients.  I need to give back and do what I can to be a good corporate citizen.

At the end of the day there are no easy answers … but when I am concerned about a change in the way my client procures my services, or a change in the way they do business I need to be sure that I am looking at the situation with my eyes open .. and NOT with those “blinkers” that don’t want to deal with change.

Sometimes the right answer is to tell the clients some truths that they don’t want to hear … that is the responsibility of a good supplier (who wants “yes people” as employees OR as suppliers?).  BUT I should ALWAYS seek to understand whether MY concern is MINE alone, and whether it really is something to tell the client.

Welcome to the new world … change has always been a constant, the new reality is the PACE of that change!  Hold onto your hats, it is not going to get any easier!