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Is "Rude" a Trend?

Maybe it is just me but I have a sense that common courtesy is waning and that more and more people seem to be very comfortable “unloading” apiece of their mind.  It appears that “open honest communication” has somehow degenerated and people are just rude.  I think that is sad, and our society is a little poorer with the passing of good manners!

1.  You can be open and honest without being rude.  It is just fine to voice your dissatisfaction with a situation, service, product or person … but there is no need to get personal, insulting or aggressive, EVER.

2.  In the workplace, communication should always be professional … emotional outbursts should be a very rare occurrence for which an apology is forthcoming, it should NEVER be the norm.

3.  Taking a strip off a store clerk is a lousy thing to do.  These are not highly paid people, if their attitude is not to your satisfaction then let them know and take your business elsewhere, if you are unhappy with the store don’t blame them … there is no need for drama.

4.  Bullying is more common in the workplace than any of us would like to think … and it is NEVER acceptable.  Always treat the other person the way that you would like to be treated if the roles were reversed … no matter what their status is!

5.  An aggressive, rude approach to life outside the home will result in spillover into the home … do you really want that kind of relationship with your kids, your spouse, your friends?

I see this kind of irrational and rude behavior from people driving cars honking at everything that annoys them, from people on discussion boards who might disagree with the article they are commenting on, from people in the line-up at the coffee shop irritated at the delay, from people in stores and restaurants who think they are not being well served …it is an epidemic of bad behaviour!

We should institute a National Be Nice to Everyone YEAR!!!  Perhaps that would break this bad habit that is “going viral”! 

“Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.” - Frank Clark.  (As tweeted by my friend Amanda O’Reilly while I was writing this blog entry!!!)