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The Staffing Industry is a Valuable Asset!

A Message to Politicians...

Here in Ontario we will be going to the polls in early October. One of the lessons that I have learned is that it is important to keep politicians of ALL parties informed about your industry, whatever your industry is. The reality of our society is that all of government's services are paid for from taxes, and if the tax base is not sufficient then everything else suffers. SO ... in order to have a healthy society you need enough people working and paying taxes, and enough companies paying taxes. AFTER THAT you can look at spending money on programs that increase the quality of life of your electorate. The Staffing Industry is a huge influence on jobs, we enable the job market, we create the environment that allows people to find their next job, to find their first job, to get the experience they need to move from temporary to permanent employment. Did you know ... 88% of staffing employees say that experience made them more employable; 77% of staffing employees say their temporary assignments led to to full time work; 80% of staffing clients say they use it as a means to hire permanent employees; 80% of temporary and contract employees work full-time hours. There are a lot of myths and negative messages concerning our industry, but here are just SOME of the benefits of the staffing industry. Workforce benefits of the staffing industry: 1.) Temporary and contract - Employees i. Explore a wide range of opportunities ii. Find positions they are uniquely qualified for iii. Valuable experience leading to career growth iv. Lifestyle flexibility 2.) Temporary and contract - Employers i. Reduce fixed costs ii. Rapidly respond to economic changes iii. Meet fluctuating labour demands 3.) Search & placement - Employees i. A source of jobs the never get advertised ii. Advice that helps get the job iii. The inside track on employer needs iv. Career advice v. Insight into the employment marketplace vi. Services at no charge 4.) Search & placement - Employers i. Find the best people for the job ii. Talent across a range of professions and trades iii. Consultative advice, including HR iv. Insight into the employment marketplace If you work in the staffing industry I would encourage you to tell your elected officials about the value your industry brings to the economy. That way, when they are tempted to bring in legislation that will hurt the industry they will at least understand what they might be doing. If you work in another industry I would encourage you to develop messages that educate your elected officials about the value your industry brings. Every economy needs jobs, let's tell politicians how best to help business do that!! ----------------------------------------------- Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company) Want to know where Canada's hot jobs are? Visit the Eagle Job Centre! -----------------------------------------------