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A New Season ... a New Resolve?


I am not about to give up on Summer yet, but the traditional indicators are here … Labor Day is well behind us, the kids are back in school and there is a nip in the air early in the morning!   All clear indicators that Fall is arriving … and the Summer holiday season is mostly done.

So … what are YOU going to differently this season that will improve things for you?

This applies equally to your non-work life as it does to your work life.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”  Leo Tolstoy

It is a great time to ask yourself some questions … and maybe tweak things just a little to get some small wins.

1.  Am I totally happy with my health, my fitness, my weight?

If not, then what options do I have … that are totally doable, without major change … that could make a difference.

Could I increase my exercise level a little, improve the quality of my diet a little, eat just a little less, get a checkup etc.

2.  Am I totally happy at work?  Am I being as successful as I might, do I know where I am going, do I want to do something else?

Again … if the answer suggests a change or two would be good (which would be 99.99% of us) then do something.

Could I improve my skills with some training, some adult education courses, take advantage of company training materials etc.  Could I do some research into career options and decide what comes next for me?  Could I increase my reading to improve my general knowledge and become just a little more interesting?  Obviously there are a million things you can do.

Other questions you might ask yourself might relate to your friends, partner, relatives and the relationship you have with them.  What could you do to strengthen those that are already strong and improve those that need work?

Perhaps you could ask yourself about hobbies and interests … could you add some?  Could you set some goals that would enhance those you have?

Fall is a great time to revisit goals you might have set previously and see how how you are doing … perhaps reset your expectations.

End the year on a positive note for you.

Just Do Something!!!

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude”  Oprah Winfrey