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And So The Election Process Begins

You have heard it before, but at the risk of nagging I am going to say it again … GET OUT AND VOTE. 

It is your democratic right to vote.  Oppressed people around the globe have given their lives for this same right, so on October 6th … VOTE!  Last time around 4 million eligible Ontario voters (of a possible 8.4 million) did NOT vote.  That is sad!

The SECOND message is UNDERSTAND THE ISSUES … read, listen and learn.  That way you can make an informed decision about what is best for Ontario.

The THIRD message is to the senior people in business across the province …GET OUT AND MEET YOUR CANDIDATES, tell them about your industry/business and the value it brings to Ontario.  The last thing you want is for a misguided government to introduce legislation that hurts your industry.  Your candidates want to hear from you, so get out and educate them.

The LAST message is to USE COMMON SENSE WHEN FOLLOWING THE ELECTION.  Each party will try to discredit the others, they will attack the leaders and they will do all in their power to sway the voters based on emotion and rhetoric.  Understand which party best serves your needs and vote for them with your head … not your emotions.

People come up with all kinds of reasons not to vote … but when you are tempted, just think about the cost of democracy paid by millions of people who fought in World Wars and who continue to oppose tyranny to preserve our rights.  There are NO good reasons not to vote.