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Business 101

A recent decision by Air Canada to charge a fee for check-in baggage seemed to get a lot of press. How could they do this? Yet another example of gouging the traveler! They should be ashamed of themselves etc etc. Last time I looked they were a business in a competitive industry, and if they feel the need to add to their prices then they do so in the full knowledge that the travelling public have choices. At the end of the day they need to make profits or, most likely, the tax payer will end up bailing them out. Whether you are running a business or a government organization at some point there needs to be enough money to pay for all of the costs associated with your organization ... that means one of two things; (i) cut costs; or (ii) increase revenues. Air Canada chose to increase revenues, not reduce costs (read lay off staff) ... and people can choose to fly with Air Canada or not. This is just business, get over it!