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Friday is Be NICE to Two People (at least) Day!!!!

Almost three years ago I wrote a blog entry called Now is  Great Time to Count Your Blessings.  The premise being that by focusing on what is RIGHT in your world will automatically make you feel better, that “glass half full” approach to life.

Three years later and there is still talk of market downturns, a slower than expected recovery from the GREAT Recession and high unemployment.  Almost every day our “instant-on news” gives us word of terrible plane crashes, weather woes around the world or news of war and strife in different parts of the globe.  On top of that, at this time of year we are reminded of the terrible events of 9/11 … that happened 10 years ago!

It is enough to drag anyone down!!!

So … I am tasking you with doing two things to accomplish tomorrow, (Friday), to finish off your week.

Task Number One:

Create a list of ten things that YOU can be thankful for … and keep the list somewhere that you can read it whenever you are feeling sorry for yourself!

Task Number Two:

Make it your mission to brighten up the lives of two other people … if just for a minute.  It could be as innocuous as buying them coffee, doing them a small favour or giving them some positive feedback.  You might buy a friend a small present or take your spouse to dinner unexpectedly.  Anything, a little over and above the normal, designed to bring a smile to someone’s face.

If everyone did this, then Friday September 9th 2011 would be a GREAT day!!!

Walk Fast and SMILE!!!