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Guess What? Some People are Just Not Desirable Employees!


Working in the temporary staffing world I sometimes hear the rhetoric from various groups suggesting that temporary work is not REAL work!

The statistics our industry collects (see ASA website) show that about 88% of temporary employees use those temporary assignments to gain new skills and go on to full time work.  About 20% of temporary employees choose temporary work because it fits their lifestyle.

Temporary work pays the bills, provides job experience, provides opportunities for full time work AND for some, provides the flexibility they want in their lives to be able to pursue other interests.

There is some percentage that are totally unhappy with their lot as temporary employees … it is possible that is as high as 12%, but its more likely less than 10%.

I am going to just say it … some of these people just don’t bring much to the table!  As an employer I wouldn’t want to hire them full time … for a whole bunch of reasons.  So it is possible that for these people temporary work needs to be a way of life too!

I have walked through the Occupy Toronto site, to and from work each day this week, and there are some very nice people there.  However when someone has a sign saying “All I Want is a Job” and they have Green spiked hair and piercings all over their face I have to wonder if they are REALLY putting in some effort to get that job?  They might be smart, they might be hard working … but there are many jobs where that look would just be a non-starter.

I learned early in life that life is not fair … that is just a fact.  We can work towards fixing inequalities, but sometime people are their own worst enemy.