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It ALL Starts With Caring


If you don’t care then nothing else really matters.  If you get served by someone who doesn’t care, (in a store, in a restaurant, in a garage etc), then you immediately know that they don’t care!  It is patently obvious!

If YOU don’t care, then you are not going to do a good job, do yourself justice or project the right “self brand” … you are not going to find success at anything.

Generally speaking everything in your life is connected and WHO you are will be the same, in all aspects of your life.  So … it is almost impossible to be happy outside of work if you are miserable AT work!  I will go one step further and suggest that the ONLY reason you are miserable at work is because of YOU!

Choose to care!

Choose to be happy!

As a bye-product of those choices you will choose to be successful.

It ALL starts by CARING … you need to really care about what you do; about the impact of what you do; about what will result from what you do … and only then will all the other pieces start to come together.

If you are unhappy then FIX it.

I can pretty much bet that 90% of people reading this will throw their arms in the air, saying that I have provided no value. 

 The 10% who “get it” will either already care, or are on the path to understanding that caring is what will turn their lives around.