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Join My Protest ... Against Grumpy People!!!!


Have you noticed how GRUMPY people are lately?

They are worried about money, they are worried about the economy, their jobs, the fact that some people have more money than them, the fact that other people (bankers, CEOs, corporations) are ruining their world, the fact that government is not doing what they want etc etc.

This makes people GRUMPY… and the fact that there is very little they can do to change those things makes them GRUMPIER!

GRUMPINESS is contagious, so they infect the people around them creating more GRUMPY people!

My advice …focus on the things YOU can change, and have fun doing it!!!

Being GRUMPY will not make anything better … in fact you might just lose some friends. 

If you want to be GRUMPY then go far away from me!

I am going to start a new protest …NO Grumps Allowed!!!!

Walk Fast and SMILE!