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Look After Yourself ... You Only get One Go at This!


There are many reasons to look after yourself, and that does not mean you need to be an athlete.

Here are a few thoughts for you:

1.  You will cope with the stress and strain of your job better if you are in decent physical shape.

2.  If you put on just 2 lb of fat every year starting at age 25 (let’s not even mention the Freshman 15 or the COVID 19) … then you are going to be carrying a LOT of extra weight by the time you are my age!

3. Everybody can find 30 minutes, 4 times a week to do some exercise!  Watch a little less TV, park your car 15 minutes from work and walk back and forth 5 times a week; get out both weekend days and then you only need two 30 minute slots during the week; ride a stationary bike while watching TV; there are lots of ways to do it.

4. Add some weights into your routine!  You don’t need to build huge muscles (it is not likely to happen unless you put some serious amount of work into it), but weight training will build some muscle quite quickly, which will increase your metabolism and mean you burn more fat all the time.  It can be body weight exercises like push ups, elastic band exercise; multi gym or weights if you have access to them.

5. Think before you eat or drink.  Do you need this; is there a better alternative; do you need ALL of it?  Small changes can make a big difference.  Drink more water, it is good for you and can stave off hunger just a little longer.

Being fit does not necessarily mean you will live longer, but it will make your time here more enjoyable.

We only get one shot at life, it would be a shame not to live it as fully as possible.