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Own the Problem

If you want something to get done then someone needs to own it … with an emphasis on some ONE.

How often have you seen an issue discussed in a meeting and the resolution being a statement like, ” Well we understand the problem so one of you guys can handle it” … or “I’m pretty sure everyone understands what they need to do!”

Typically it comes because the person running the meeting doesn’t want to pick on one person … for one of many reasons.

If one of you guys could make sure the front door to the castle is locked before you go to bed … we don’t want the enemy to come in and kill us all“, might not have been the most effective defense strategy in medieval times!

So … “could one of you guys make sure the recruiting team understands the process includes reference checks and interviews“, is not likely to solve a problem.

Could one of you guys make sure that the sales team enter their meetings in the calendar, and enter notes into the CRM“, is just as likely to fail.

SomeONE needs to own the problem.  Preferably someONE who has the skills to solve it, OR access to the skills to get it done.

It get’s even MORE effective when they have a deadline!!!

Bill … please set up a webinar showing all the recruiters the correct process … including interviews and references checks, together with how to do them efficiently.  If you can get that done before next Friday that would be awesome.  Include me in the session, I’d like to be there to support you!”

Now THAT is the way to get things done!

PS.  “Bill, you did such a great job with the recruiters and I have this little sales issue …”

Now about those castle gates!!!!