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Recession, Downturn? WE are Lucky ... Help Those Who Are Not So Lucky!!!


The United Way does an amazing job helping communities across North America … and I volunteer my time to work closely with the local Ottawa-Carleton United Way on the Major Gifts Campaign. 

This year’s campaign is once again facing the challenge of asking for donations, in the face of tough economic times for all of us.  The reality is that, despite the poor economy, most of us are far better positioned than those who rely on help from our charitable organizations.  The United Way has done a lot of work to focus its efforts, be even more efficient with the money donated and be absolutely accountable for results!  It is one of the most efficient charitable organizations in existence, despite (or maybe because of) its size ( a lack of financial reporting standards can sometimes make it LOOK less efficient than it actually is!)

For me … the United Way is one place I can donate money and KNOW it will go to help my community. 

Back in May I blogged about the NEW United Way… because many people are not aware of how it has transformed itself over the years. 

A few years back I blogged about the United Way campaign, with some statistics that are a little shocking for one of Canada’s most affluent cities.

If you visit the website today you can see real success stories by just a small sampling of people whose lives have been changed by United Way agencies.

Be generous … make a donation to the United Way!   Whether through a workplace campaign … or visit the website!  Your donations make a huge difference in OUR community! (Make it just a little bit bigger than last year!!!)

PS.  Giving money is GREAT … giving time is GREAT too!  get involved, help make our community better.