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Are You a "Teflon Man"


“Teflon Man” is a name I have for people that never accept accountability for anything … as we all know, nothing sticks to Teflon!

We have all met them …it is never their fault, no matter what it is!

The reggae singer Shaggy has a song “It Wasn’t Me” … it’s about a man who gets caught with another woman by his girlfriend.  There really is no doubt about his infidelity, but the advice from his friend is to deny, deny, deny … it wasn’t him!

Know anyone like that?

It is particularly galling when these people have some success, or perceived success … and very often it is on the backs of people who actually “do stuff”.  I guess the only consolation I allow myself is that I am not Teflon Man … it would be hard to live with myself if I was.

“The reason people blame the previous generation is that there is only one other choice.” Doug Larson

Live your life with integrity!

Accept your failures along with your successes, that is how we learn and grow.

If you mess up … own it!

If you earn success, don’t forget those who helped … because none of us do it alone!

THAT is how we gain respect of those around us and build credibility.

I think you will also like yourself a lot more!!!

“You must take personal responsibility.  You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons or the wind, but you can change yourself.”  Jim Rohn