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Committees - the Power and the Danger


I love Seth Godin’s writing … he encapsulates interesting ideas into a few words, and makes you think.   That is pretty powerful!

He recently wrote a fairly cynical blog entry about committees, that most of us could probably relate to.  He suggests that committees can actually be detrimental in their impact … and I’m sure that many times that can be true.

Perhaps there is a lesson here about being careful with a committee’s mandate, make up and how you expect it to operate. 

Just like a high performing management team, a committee should NOT all agree about everything, there should be differing opinions, differing experiences, differing perspectives and an ability to look at issues, problems and challenges in different ways.

The real value comes when you can harness all of that input into usable ideas, action plans and ways to bring value to the organization.

Like Seth, I believe that many committees fail to meet these standards … pity, because many heads really can bring value, if harnessed correctly!