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Dealing with Issues

There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with “situations” …

If there is a perceived problem then it is important to take full stock BEFORE acting, or reacting.

In a business situation the right answer is to ask enough questions to understand ALL of the factors relating to the problem … before acting.

Of course, in an emergency situation you may be forced to act quickly … but those actions should be confined to containing the problem, ensuring it is not getting worse and if any danger exists then it should be negated.  Those actions should NOT include angry outbursts, leaping to conclusions about blame and allowing emotions to “let loose”. 

The right way would be …

1.  Assess the situation … understand what has happened, why it happened, all of the factors related to the issue.

2.  Fix the situation … employing best practices to make sure the problem is fixed and unlikely to happen again.

3.  Learn from the situation … understand how it could be avoided in the future, mitigate risks and apply any other lessons coming from the situation.

4.  Assess who was involved and only then seek to understand if negligence or blame should be attached, or if training or process changes might be required.

The calm approach to any problem will give the best results … this is why you will see disaster response personnel training for such situations.   The last thing you need is some idiot “losing it”, ranting and raving, blaming the world and getting in the way of progress!

In the business world it is not just important to contain emotions, and act rationally and professionally … it is expected.  The easy way to lose “status” is to lose your temper.  We probably all know bosses, former bosses etc who were “tyrants” … there is no place for it in the modern work place.  If anything, the person at the top needs to set the example and that kind of abuse should not be tolerated.

Every now and then I see this kind of behaviour and it tells me a lot about that person … they are not people I want to associate with, and if they are people who want to progress in their careers then they have some serious lessons to learn.

Lessons to take away …

Don’t leap to conclusions!

Always treat people with respect!

Act calmly and rationally … and learn from life’s little challenges, and you will be a better person.