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It's Movember!


Movember is a world wide, month long event to raise money for men’s health.  Participants (like myself) start the month clean shaven, and then spend Movember growing a moustache … which we hope prompts friends to throw in a few dollars!  (Maybe in sympathy!)

If you want to find out more you can read about it here, for instance on average men die six years earlier than women!

I have participated a number of times and here I am back again doing my bit with my “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sista”, united in this cause.

The month of fund raising is almost done, and so this is one last push to get any extra dollars possible … so that we can improve the health of men everywhere.  Your father, grandfather, brother, husband, uncle or friend thanks you!

There are SO many good causes and we all have to pick and choose which to support, but many of us can afford to donate another $20 or $50 here and there … so I am asking everyone to dig deep and help out! Any donation is appreciated.

You can donate on my personal Movember home page OR to the Eagle Team Page and the cause will be grateful for any amount!

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”  Mohammed Ali