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Selling in a TOUGH Environment!


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that world economies are “rocky” just now … and even strong economies, like Canada, are affected by what is happening elsewhere, particularly South of the border and in Europe.

Some industries are doing OK, and others not so much … but if you are in sales you need to be operating BOTH smarter AND harder than you ever have before.  If your industry is struggling, then you need to win the scarce business that is out there, and if your industry is doing OK, you need to realize that could change at any time … so make hay while the sun shines!

I have written many articles about sales, the sales profession, sales effectiveness etc over the last several years so I have compiled some of them here such that IF you want to learn something new, or just remind yourself of things you might have forgotten, you can find a lot of good ideas in one place!

I wrote a similar blog entry about 17 months ago called Everything You Wanted to Know About Sales Success.  If you click through to that blog, it also references a number of other entries that could help a sales person willing to learn something.

In May this year I wrote a blog entry about achieving Sales Success Through Goals.  Again a good read for anyone who has let their personal goals slip, or have not tried this technique for improving results.

I wrote a very short entry reminding sales people that Great Salespeople spend Time with their Clients.

In June I wrote and article called Sales 101 – Adding Value to Your Clients.  That followed an event where clients talked about what they liked and didn’t like from service providers … hint they don’t like their time wasted!

Sales is the life blood of any organization, and if you are a successful sales person then you will be a valuable asset.  Success in sales almost always comes from hard work and doing the right things … very occasionally it comes from luck, almost always it is not a “one man” show because a sales person needs others to deliver!

Start your homework here, read all of the material linked above, and you WILL find some nugget that will help your sales success.