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You Got What You Paid For

"You get what you pay for" is a common saying ... and generally it is pretty true. In the services business we have to match the service that we provide with the return on that investment ... we cannot afford to provide a level of service that costs us more than we get paid. Seems like common sense, but it is actually a pretty difficult lesson to learn ... for suppliers, and for clients! Sometimes in business, (maybe more often than sometimes), there is a disconnect between what the client expects and what the company thinks they are delivering. If a client chooses the low cost supplier, to deliver a project or a service ... then they need to expect the quality and customer service attributable to a low cost provider (acceptable, but not great). The reality is that all clients want GREAT service ... but not many clients are willing to pay top dollar. Therein lies that quagmire of expectations versus reality! If you don't pay much ... then don't expect much! If you buy a Honda Accord, its a very good car, but it is not a BMW 335! If you buy a small apartment in an average Toronto high-rise ... don't expect Trump Towers! If you buy a cheap laptop ... don't be surprised when it doesn't operate like a high end machine! If you beat your staffing supplier's margins down to peanuts ... then don't be surprised if you get monkey-like service! Obviously all of this is relative (that is another blog post) ... you can get good value for your money, and if your expectations match the product or service that you get then you can be a very happy customer. At the end of the day ... you generally get what you pay for! ----------------------------------------------- Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company) Want to know where Canada's hot jobs are? Visit the Eagle Job Centre! -----------------------------------------------