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10 Rules on How to Enjoy Your Life!

Kevin’s 10 rules about how to REALLY enjoy your life …

1.  Accept thatyour life is in your hands.

Don’t expect other people to solve your problems, make life easy for you or hand you “stuff” on a silver platter!  Your parents, the government, the union, your boss or any other individual or organization … they are not there to make your life easier.  That is your job!

2.  Do NOT be envious of other people’s lives.

Don’t look at the person next to you and envy their possessions, their looks, their wealth or anything else about them.  Worrying about whether your work colleague might make a few dollars more than you is a sure fire way to become disappointed!  Focus on your life, what can you do better, how can you improve, how can you get where you want to go!

3.  Be consciously thankful!

Identify all of the things for which you could be grateful … and recognise how lucky you are!  If you are reading this then you are better off than most of the world’s population already!

4. Give to others.

It could be money, time, goods, or all of the above.  Giving is a sure fire way to make yourself feel better.

5. Push yourself.

Muscles grow when you work them, the brain grows when you work it, you grow as a person when you push yourself.  Life should never be TOO easy, you NEED a little stress in your life!

6.  Be good to yourself.

Reward your successes.  Don’t be hard on your failings … they are learning experiences.  Treat yourself every now and then … but remember a treat is only a treat if it is an occasional thing!

7. Don’t expect life to be fair.

Things happen in life … deal with them!   Adversity brings out the best in us, and overcoming adversity is very rewarding.

8. Cultivate friends, work on your relationships.

Steven Covey talked about the emotional bank account.  We have such an account with everyone in our lives.  We make deposits to those bank accounts when we invest in our relationships … take time to get together, buy a present, compliment, “be there” for a friend.  We make withdrawals when we neglect or abuse those relationships … ignore our friends, miss those special occasions, perhaps get angry with someone.  If we consciously try to work at building up the deposits then we will have strong relationships … and those are important to have in your life.

9. Make lists.

Things to do; things to see; goals; BIG goals; Life goals; career goals; relationship goals; health goals.  If you have lists then you can work at reaching those goals … and you won’t have regrets for things you might have done!

10. Don’t be a Victim.

Accept ALL of the above, decide here and now that YOU are responsible for YOU, and take responsibility for making the best of what you have!