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Focus on the Positives

People who lead their lives focused on the positives will always lead a more fulfilling life. Companies that focus on the positives are likely to be the more successful companies. In my life I try to avoid the "glass half empty" people ... they suck the life out of me. I want to spend time with the people that seek out opportunity, that take on challenges, that make things happen ... rather than those that "things happen to", that moan about how hard life is and that always focus on the negatives. This is the season of hope ... a time to rejoice, to spend time with family, to give more than to receive and a time for positive thoughts. It would be a nice thought if we could all enter 2012 with that same attitude ... perhaps you could watch this video and think about it Life vest. ----------------------------------------------- Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company) Want to know where Canada's hot jobs are? Visit the Eagle Job Centre! -----------------------------------------------