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Set Some Goals for 2012

A few days ago I wrote a blog entry called A Personal Checkpoint, asking readers to take a look at 2011 and see how they did against their expectations (or goals).  It is a complement to a blog entry I wrote in January 2010 asking What Will You Make of 2010.  Those who set goals in January of each year would be able to benchmark themselves against those goals, and those who did not set goals would only have a general feeling that it was a good year, or not. 

This is one of those subjects that I have written about many times.  Here are 5 things to think about …

1.  If you set goals and create a plan to reach those goals you will ALWAYS do better than if you have no goals.

2.  If you have NO goals then you will always be using other people’s benchmarks to see how you are doing.  Your boss, your parents, your friends, your partners etc.

3.  Goals, and the plans associated with them, do not need to be complicated … just reality based.

4.  Society sets goals for us … career (traditional management path, income level etc); personal (education, marriage, kids, retirement etc).  It is WAY MORE rewarding to set your own goals!

5.  There is great satisfaction from meeting and exceeding goals … only people that have met goals will experience that.

So … do yourself a favor and set some goals for 2012.   I wrote a blog entry in December 2006 called Goals … 2006 wrap up and 2007 Planning.  the same principles apply to revisiting 2011 and looking at 2012!  Read it, and get some ideas!

One final thought … resolutions are easy to make, delivering on them takes commitment and I had some thoughts on that with my blog entry called Will Your Resolutions Fizzle … or Will You Do Something Different?

Nobody can lead your life for you and it is always easy to “float” … but if you REALLY want to do more with your life then read ALL of these entries and create your own plan!!