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Reward Yourself


I blog a lot about setting goals, about improving productivity, about achieving success and about focusing on work (while at work)!  I have been asked the question, “Kevin, do you ever have any fun?  Aren’t you a little serious?”

I guess its a fair question … if you don’t know me!

The focus of my blog entries tends to be on achieving success … but success isn’t success, if it is at the expense of your happiness!  It IS extremely important to enjoy your life, and to reward yourself for the success that you have.

The only caution I would have is that we all have a tendency to want more reward than work … and really the way to be successful in your career is to focus more on your productivity, and recognize that success with rewards … rather than focus on the rewards.

Some examples:

A number of years ago I promised myself a flashy sports car when I had my first 6 figure year … it didn’t quite happen like that, but I got my sports car.

When I work on projects that have a discrete ending I may reward myself for a good product … for example if I am developing a sales strategy for a new line of business I might set aside the time to do that task, and if I finish early I may spend sometime on a personal activity.

When I was a salesperson I would have goals for myself … a certain number of calls in a week, getting a meeting with a tough client and when I met those goals I would reward myself … maybe be heading out a few minutes earlier than usual, or spending some time on personal activities, and maybe it would be dinner out.

Rewards can be big or small, they just need to be something meaningful to you … attached is a picture of one of my rewards, and it brings a BIG smile to my face!!!

Of course this only works if you stick to the plan … rewarding yourself for failure isn’t going to get you the results that you want!