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Time ... a VERY Precious Commodity

One of the things that truly bothers me is when people waste my time.  Like most senior managers I live a very busy and very full life, that requires a significant amount of planning and coordination in order to meet all of my personal and business commitments.

I will tell anyone who listens that developing good “time management skills” early, and continuing to hone those skills is essential if you want to maximize your success in life (both at work and play).

I choose to donate some of my “work” time to many activities not directly beneficial to my company … these include charitable activities, industry association activities, advisory/mentoring activities.  I believe that these are my “duty” as a successful business person and I am happy to do it … but again, it puts a great strain on one of life’s most precious resources, time.

I rarely look at my life as work stuff and play stuff … although some time is very definitely in one camp or the other, much of my job is very enjoyable and satisfying and many of the friends I have made are from my business world too.  So I prefer to look at life as one entity … rather than two entities that need to be balanced.   So, the term work/life balance means little to me.  If you waste my time whatever activity it is associated with then I am not going to be happy with you.

So … two rules for those of you interested in getting the most out of life.

1.  Be VERY respectful of time … other people’s as much as your own; and

2.  Always work at making the most of that little amount of time known as your lifetime (I am reminded of the poem and video called The Dash)

Here are a couple of ideas on Time Management to get you going …

1.  I created one place that lists 10 of my blog entries on the subject of time management.

2.  If can buy into setting goals as a great way to be more efficient you might want to read my blog entry about setting goals for 2012