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Use Momentum to Get Things Done!


Life is busy … we all have too many things on our plate and sometimes it can get overwhelming.

One little trick that I use to try and “get stuff done” is to “group” activities, and then power through them.

The momentum generated by focusing on one type of task really helps me … I “get into the groove” and power through.  It is just the starting that is difficult.

Here is an example …

As a salesperson there are always a ton of tasks to get done, everything from early prospecting calls through to client management and post-sale customer service activities.  In this busy type of role it is easy to let the “less attractive” activities slip … and not get the attention that they need.

Any salesperson knows that in order to be successful there needs to be a steady stream of opportunities “filling the sales funnel” … and some percentage of these will lead to business.  Your goal should be to have enough of a flow of opportunities to ensure that you will always have prospective sales in the pipe.

Some salespeople will focus solely on their “active” opportunities and then realize things are drying up, and react to that.  the best salespeople have a plan that devotes enough time to keeping the funnel fresh.

My trick is to set aside time,  and make those calls in batches.   For example, in the staffing business I might take an hour at the end of the day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to make those prospecting calls.  In this way I can be in the right “frame of mind”, I can be very focused and I get get through a lot of calls quickly.  it is much more efficient than trying do make those calls as you go through the week … invariably other stuff will come up, you will procrastinate and/or it just won’t happen.

Once you make that first call you can get in a groove, and use that momentum to power though the calls.  It works for me.

It could be client satisfaction calls; sales paperwork that needs to be done (do it in off-peak time); data entry type work; anything that will benefit from focus and momentum!

Another type of example:

The same things can be said about  writing a report, or a paper of some kind … set aside the time and focus on the task.  Your mind will be focused on that one report and you will be far more productive than trying to do it, in and amongst other activities.  You don’t even need to do it in one sitting … just as long as you set aside each time to focus on that task.  its the same idea … although you are not “grouping” multiple tasks you are tackling a larger project in “methodical” way, using momentum to help.

Attention Deficit Disorder, SmartPhone Syndrome whatever you want to call it … in today’s society we tend to “flit” between tasks, and that does not work too well if you have something significant to get through. 

Create a plan, get started and then use Momentum to get through it as efficiently as possible.

Hint:  Use your calendar to help.  I would create a meeting for myself in my calendar, blocking off the time to ensure that i gave it the right level of attention.