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Developing New Perspectives


Most of us mere mortals tend to establish routines.  We get set in our ways, tend to operate our days in a predictable manner and get efficient at doing what we do.

That is a good thing …until it isn’t!

What do I mean by that?

Our world changes at a phenomenal pace and I have written about that many times.   This means that we need to evolve our ways of doing business to keep up with that change … but if we “have always done it this way”, it makes change very difficult!

So what can we do about that?

The pundits might suggest that we be “open to change”; “embrace change”; “welcome change”!

Yeah, yeah yeah … the truth is that change happens and it is how you react to change that will define how you will fare in the new world.

So you need strategies that work for YOU and for YOUR COMPANY (if you are a business owner).

1.   Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater … change happens fast, but not overnight.  The routines you built to be successful don’t ALL need to change, that will just create mayhem!

2.  Find time to actually THINK … rather than just DO!  If you are an employee then it might just be about  taking a few hours out of a quarter to make sure what you DO on a daily basis is still the best use of your time.  If you are a business owner or executive you might want to plan “strategy sessions” to look at these things.

3.  Understand what is happening in your industry … join your industry association, read about your industry, stay current with what other are doing.

4.  Understand the influences on your industry … internal and external.  Understand what your competition are doing about them and THINK about what you might do.

5.  Look at similar industries, or industries with similar issues and understand whether their solutions might help.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to MAKE time to focus on these things, rather than be 24/7/365 focused on the day to day issues of your job or business!