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I'm Busy, I Don't Have Time

This is a typical answer that you will hear in a multitude of situations ... and very often the people uttering those words actually believe them! Here is my reality ... I'm busy, but if it is important enough I will find time to do it! When someone says they don't have time, they really mean ... I'm busy and this is not important enough to me, so I won't fit it into my schedule. If you want/need someone to do something, your problem really isn't convincing them to fit it into their schedule ... the BIG issue is getting them to accept that this is something important to them! If they agree that it is important then they will find a way, because it is always possible ... read my blog about Finding Time for the Really Important Stuff! Think about that! ------------------------------------------ Kevin Dee is Chairman and founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company) Want to know where Canada's hot jobs are? Visit the Eagle Job Board! Have you tried Eagle's (very cost effective) Virtual Recruiter service? ------------------------------------------