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The Future Is Good


Like most people I sometimes think about the world our children will inherit and wonder how it will all work out.

Today there are  a litany of “big issues” … pandemics, global warming and the environment; terrorism; the global economy etc etc.

We hear about the next generations, and how different they are from their parents.

There are questions about whether we leave the world a better place or a worse place; will the next generations be ready to “run the world”; and what will become of the human race?

Even with all of the negativity, exacerbated by the press and the “loud voices” of social media there is much to be thankful for!

Here is a 2018 article to remind you! 23 Charts and Maps that show the world is getting much, much better!

Here is a more recent article explaining why this last decade was the best ever!

I’m not a big philosopher, I’m not an academic or even claim to have answers to the big problems … but here is what I believe.

1.  I believe our grandparents asked the same questions about their “next generation”.

2.  I believe that the human race has many flaws … but that is nothing new.

3.  I believe that modern communication makes us more aware of our world than at any other time in history .. so we know more about the problems than other generations.

4.  I believe that the pace of change today is far greater than at any time in history … which by definition would suggest that our knowledge is far more advanced than in previous generations.

5.  No matter how much we bemoan the education system I believe we are churning out some seriously smart people.

6.  I believe in the resilience of the human race.

7. Medical advances have eradicated many major diseases and people live longer than previous generations.

8.  While there is constant strife around the world we have not had a world war in more than 70 years … I believe that represents progress.

9.  I believe the world will never be a panacea, but humanity will continue to overcome adversity and thrive.

10.  I believe our grandchildren will be asking these same questions of their “next generation”.

Its good to think about the future and its easy to be a pessimist … optimism however can be just as easy, and like Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t … you are right!”

Walk Fast and Smile!