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The Power of Teams


One of Eagle’s core values is TEAM.  It has always been an important part of our culture and it is always nice when I see other examples of how important the concept of team is!

For those of us without TVs, social media, newspapers or other forms of mass communication North America had its annual SuperBowl event yesterday.  In and amongst all of the parties, the extravagant ad campaigns and the half time show with Madonna … was a football game.  I did say this was North America so don’t be confused, we are not talking the “beautiful game” here, we are talking about huge, armour clad “warriors” battling over a rugby shaped ball.

It was a tight contest and the New York Giants prevailed in the end … some might suggest that they were not expected to win, but in these kind of games anything can happen.

Now … back to the concept of team.

The players who ran out on the field are who we would normally think about as “the team”.

However … it is important to remember that the team includes a whole host of other characters, and some might suggest those people all played a critical role in the success of the football club.  The head coach of course is a big part of any win, all of the assistant coaches play their part in preparing the players.  The General Manager of the Giants was responsible for signing a large percentage of the players on the field.  The medical staff keep those players playing and prepare them for action so that they play to the best of their ability every time.  The back office are critical to the business operations of the Giants etc etc.

So here are some things about TEAMS:

1.  Belonging to a TEAM “feels good”!

2.  Everyone on a team has a role to play.

3.  A team’s weak link can really hurt it.

4.  A good TEAM will beat a group of superstars every time.

5.  If you can create a good team atmosphere then you can attract great talent.

6.  A GREAT team is a FUN place to be.

7.  Being a team member means working at your contribution.

8.  Being a team member means not accepting mediocrity from your teammates.

9.  Being a team member means doing whatever you can to help you teammate be successful.

10.  Like most things in life … within a team, the more you GIVE the more you GET!

THAT is why teams are SO powerful!