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The Value of Time

This is a long weekend for many in Canada ... Family Day is celebrated in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Generally people get excited at the prospect of a long weekend ... whether because it allows for more adventurous plans, more family time or just time to relax. It is very clear that a long weekend is really VALUED. Do you place a high VALUE on your time at work? For a large number of people, perhaps even the majority, work is a necessary evil ... to them it can't end fast enough, they look for ways to work less, even to avoid work when they can. I understand the sentiment ... but I think it is a real shame. Here are some of my thoughts about why work time should really be VALUED by everyone. 1. Work is how we earn income that we use to live ... it pays for our home, our food, our clothes, our family, our car in fact just about everything we own. 2. Almost everybody needs to work (see #1) ... so if you must be there anyway then why not take pride in your work? 3. Similar to #2 ... but if you take pride in your work then you can get a lot of satisfaction by doing a GREAT job, by improving and learning, by using your skills in ways that might otherwise not happen . 4. Doing a great job gives you satisfaction (#3) ... but it also sets you up for greater challenges, more income and other opportunities. 5. On the negative side ... if you are the low performer then you put your income at risk. If you are all low performers then maybe you run the risk that your company becomes a low performer and goes out of business, or relocates to a place where work is VALUED. 6. I believe in balance in my life ... I would find it very hard to feel good about myself if I wasn't doing my best in my career. 7. You owe it to your employer to give your best ... you enter into a contract of employment. They pay you, you do work! Time is a very precious commodity ... make sure you take full advantage of every minute that you are here. The end will always come sooner than you think. ----------------------------------------------- Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company) Want to know where Canada's hot jobs are? Visit the Eagle Job Centre! -----------------------------------------------