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The Value of Time

This is a long weekend for many in Canada … Family Day is celebrated in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.  Generally people get excited at the prospect of a long weekend … whether because it allows for more adventurous plans, more family time or just time to relax.

It is very clear that a long weekend is really VALUED.

Do you place a high VALUE on your time at work?

For a large number of people, perhaps even the majority, work is a necessary evil … to them it can’t end fast enough, they look for ways to work less, even to avoid work when they can.

I understand the sentiment … but I think it is a real shame.

Here are some of my thoughts about why work time should really be VALUED by everyone.

1.  Work is how we earn income that we use to live … it pays for our home, our food, our clothes, our family, our car in fact just about everything we own.

2.  Almost everybody needs to work (see #1) … so if you must be there anyway then why not take pride in your work?

3.  Similar to #2 … but if you take pride in your work then you can get a lot of satisfaction by doing a GREAT job, by improving and learning, by using your skills in ways that might otherwise not happen .

4.  Doing a great job gives you satisfaction (#3) … but it also sets you up for greater challenges, more income and other opportunities.

5.  On the negative side … if you are the low performer then you put your income at risk.  If you are all low performers then maybe you run the risk that your company becomes a low performer and goes out of business, or relocates to a place where work is VALUED.

6.  I believe in balance in my life … I would find it very hard to feel good about myself if I wasn’t doing my best in my career.

7.  You owe it to your employer to give your best … you enter into a contract of employment.  They pay you, you do work!

Time is a very precious commodity … make sure you take full advantage of every minute that you are here.  The end will always come sooner than you think.