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Those Critical "To Dos"

If you have a busy job there are always a ton of tasks to be completed … you can just arrive at your desk first thing in the morning, go like crazy all day and still have tons of stuff to do when you leave at night.

I will be so bold as to suggest that MOST people operate in that manner… no real thought, no real system, respond to the emergency in front of them and “…just doing the best I can!”

Newsflash … if you have ANY aspirations for success, it is not good enough!  In this crazy world you MUST focus on the RIGHT TASKS in order to be productive.  If you let your day drive you then you will

(a)  miss critical task deadlines;

(b)  waste your time on non-critical (but maybe they are comfortable) tasks;

(c)  lose all sense of control of your job.

My advice to you is TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR DAY!

Here is ONE tip … make sure you always know what your CRITICAL tasks are, even if they are small ones.  I LOVE “To Do” lists but they can be evil if they are one big long list with no way of identifying the ”high return”, “must do”, critical tasks.  It might be as simple as highlighting those tasks with a marker, OR if you are really organized you could plug your “To Do” items directly into your calendar.

Now that you know what all your critical tasks are … put a reminder in your calendar twice daily to check the list.  That way you might just start winning the battle!

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