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What Makes Your Day?


I am a fan of Clint Eastwood and while his famous line, “Go ahead, make my day” was a hint that his Harry Callahan character was perhaps a little “dark”, the subject is worth thinking about.

What makes your day?

If you are busy then there is a strong chance that you don’t always take time to “smell the roses”, but that is something you can do consciously.  Maybe just take a few minutes each day to savor those things that “make your day”.

Here are some things that make my day …

Typically I walk to and from work, so a nice bright day can really help my mood.  Sometimes I even notice people around me smiling, and THAT has a positive affect on me.

When people in the office are positive and smiling I “feel the vibe”!

When I get call from a friend, maybe an invitation … that makes my day.

When I get to ride my motorbike, or take out my sports car … that brings a BIG smile.

When I get to relax in my apartment and look out over the city on a clear evening … that makes me happy.

I am currently working remotely in Florida and look out the front of the house at a clear white beach and blue water … that brings a smile!  As does jogging on the beach in the mornings with my wife and our dog!  (Our dog definitely has good days … see picture!)

I wrote a blog entry suggesting that Life is Great, but maybe most people don’t take the time to TRULY savor life.

It is an interesting fact that if you think about the things you appreciate from others, it is a fair bet that doing those things will make other people’s days brighter!  So …

1.  Take time to appreciate the GOOD things in your life; and