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Awards Night for Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies


One of the very first blog posts that I wrote  back in 2006 was about the 50 Best Managed Companies awards gala.   That night Eagle was added to the Platinum “club” having already been on the list of 50 Best Managed companies for seven years.

Last night was the 2012 gala and Eagle celebrated 13 years of receiving this recognition, remaining one of the less than 100 companies in Canada to have reached the Platinum status.

My original post talked about the value of this program, and I remain a committed proponent of it to this day.  For private companies in Canada it is a great way to promote best practices, to get some professional guidance, to be recognized for good work and to have an award that speaks to the quality of your company.  This makes for better companies, it leads to more jobs (and what is more important in today’s economy) … and it celebrates success.

Kudos to Deloitte, CIBC, Queens School of Business and the National Post for sponsoring a program that truly helps to stimulate our Canadian economy by promoting small and medium sized businesses.  They throw a mean party too!!!

Now if only our governments could figure out how to help businesses to grow and create jobs!