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Documents that Sell

Documents that sell, or assist the selling process, might include proposals, sales presentations, brochure-like literature and emails to clients etc.

One of the most powerful “tools” when writing any document designed to sell is the “so what?” statement.  By reading your message from your client’s perspective and asking the question “so what does that statement mean to me?” we can actually convey our value proposition, rather than what we do!

Some time ago I wrote a blog entry called “Sales 101 – Compelling Messages” which talks about the need for strong messages.  Today I want to talk a little about actually communicating those messages.

Most documents that clients read tend to just state the facts, and expect the client to translate that into what it means for them.  You should never expect your client to do the work of understanding your value … YOU need to be clearly articulate that message!

For example, I could state that our company is a 15 year old national, professional staffing company which has been named a 50 best Managed Company every year since 1999.  We supply IT professionals, Finance & Accounting people and Executive/Management Consultants.

I would be stating some facts in a concise manner, which isn’t awful … but it doesn’t SELL the company.  It doesn’t tell a client why they might want to work with Eagle.

If I want to turn that into selling messages then I need to tell the client what that means to them.  I need to ask the question, “so what”?

So what … about being a 15 year old company is important to a client?

So what … about being national is important to a client?

So what … about being a 50 Best Managed Company since 1999 is important to a client?

So what … about supplying professionals across a number of disciplines is important to a client?

Also … are there any benefits to a client from the total of those statements?

The result of asking those questions might say something like …

We are a professional staffing company that has continuously worked at developing our best practices over the last 15 years.  This commitment to excellence means that we have been recognized with the 50 best Managed Companies award every year since 1999, but more importantly we have been able to attract a “who’s who” client base that recognize our ability to deliver for them. 

Equally important has been our relationship with professionals across the country in IT, Finance & Accounting, and Executive/Management Consulting.  Over 15 years we have developed a database of contacts second to none, meaning that we are exceptionally well positioned to meet our client’s needs.  In supplying multiple disciplines our clients benefit by having one consistent supplier, with one contract vehicle instead of dealing with a separate company for each type of resource (IT, F&A and Executive/Management consulting).

When you put all this together we provide a unique solution for clients.  Our client base is exceptionally strong which attracts the best consultants, AND our consultant base is exceptionally strong which means the best clients want to work with us.  Our national reach provides the additional benefit that we can find rare talent even if they are not available locally!  This capability is the result of 15 years of dedication to becoming Canada’s #1 professional staffing company.

I don’t claim to be a professional writer, or a trainer and I wrote this “on the fly” … but even so, if I am a client looking at evaluating companies the latter description tells me why I might want to work with this company.  The first description just states the facts … and hopes the client reads between the lines.

So …Tell your client what the value is to them.  Don’t expect them to read your mind! 

Don’t sell life insurance. Sell what life insurance can doBen Feldman

Don’t sell your product or service.  Sell its value to the clientKevin Dee

PS.  If you want to work with a GREAT staffing company in Canada I might know one!