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This Powerful Connected World


There are a number of Youtube videos that focus on the exponential growth in social networking over the last few years … if you have never seen one of them, the check this one out and begin to understand the power of this phenomena.

This week, I, along with no doubt millions of people around the world, were given a glimpse into the world of the child soldier in Uganda, with a goal of making the biggest perpetrator of those crimes a household name.  The end goal being the removal of a despot from his position of power.  The film is called Kony 2012after the war lord Joseph Kony.    There are those who feel that this type of campaign is dangerous because it will likely result in reprisals by Kony … if he is not apprehended quickly.  I support the Kony 2012 campaign because i don’t think that ignoring the issue will make it better.  I also think he will kill people regardless, until he is stopped and if that happens quicker because of this campaign then ultimately we are better served.   just my opinion … in the same way I would have supported efforts against Adolf  Hitler, Idi Amin and any number of despots. 

This blog entry is not a political plug, but more about the fact that a fairly low budget media campaign, driven through social media is gaining a world wide audience!   That is a fascinating thing!   I have no doubt that Joseph Kony is a name that will be widely known in a very short space of time … and hopefully the desired result is the action of governments.

The ability to gain this size of audience, in the millions, VERY quickly is one of the game changers in our society.  The book suggesting the world was flat  was written in 2005 … can you imagine just how open our world is today?  The opportunities are incredible!

Entrepreneurs around the world are harnessing the power of the internet, specifically social media for business opportunities, global partnerships and other innovations.

Activists are harnessing this power to get their messages out.

Is YOUR business “on the bandwagon” or  will you be left behind by this revolution?