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To Get Different RESULTS, Change What You Are Doing!

I typed the following into Google: Definition of insanity

The SECOND hit was the following:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.   Albert Einstein.

Clearly this is a concept that EVERYONE must understand.

SO … why is it that so often it is ignored as advice?

How many times have your salespeople told you:

I’m not getting enough orders;  or

I’m having trouble getting meetings; or

I have tried everything!

So you ask them what they have done … and its the same things they did last week, and the week before and last year and the year before! 

How many times have your recruiters told you:

I just can’t find anyone; or

I’m waiting for people to call me back; or

There is no-one available.

When you really dig into what they have done … they sent out emails to the “usual suspects” (the same names you saw last week and the week before) and MAYBE they actually left some voicemails.

I’m picking on my own industry (staffing) but this applies to EVERY industry.

The world has changed.

Clients NEED us to change too! 

We need to have NEW techniques, NEW tools, bring NEW VALUE and have NEW ways of meeting their needs.

It sounds so complicated to some people, but in reality it doesn’t need to be complicated.

YOU and YOUR TEAMS need to tap into your collective creativity and you will find answers.

Involve new people in your strategy sessions to bring different perspectives.

Actually HAVE strategy sessions!

Truly LISTEN to the people at the ”sharp end of the ship’, hear their ideas, hear their pain … and work on new ways of doing things.

I blogged yesterday about the incredible changes that social networking has brought … who would have forecast the ability for millions of ordinary people to be able to come together and shine a light on a problem in Africa (Kony 2012)?  Who would have forecast its influence in the popular uprisings in the middle east?  Who can say what will be affected by this phenomena tomorrow?

What about the impact of our telecommunications infrastructure on making the world FLAT… who would have forecast that a business person in Toronto could create partnerships with someone in Hyderabad without ever meeting, or that I could outsource services to low cost providers half way around the world?

So … don’t accept the status quo.  Don’t keep doing what you have always done … because the world will pass you by.

It is both an incredibly scary time to be in business, and a fantastic time of opportunity for those who can make it happen!