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Five Good Habits YOU Should Develop!

Five Good Habits to develop …

1.  Look after yourself … EVERYTHING is better when you are healthy.   Read my Healthy Executive series of blogs for some ideas!  (PS You don’t need to be an executive to get some good ideas there!)

2.  Start using GOALS to set yourself up for success.  I have written many blog entries about Goals …  this is just one, but maybe it will get you thinking about whether this is a good habit you can invest in!

3. To Do lists are a must have item … if you are at all busy then I don’t know how you could survive without To Do lists!!!

4.  I see people in meetings every day and they never write anything down. Taking notes is a basic skill that you should develop … definitely a good habit to cultivate!

5.  My fifth good habit is what prompted the idea for this blog … I previously wrote about the power of checklists.  Add that good habit and watch the positive impact!  Remember, checklists can work for anyone, not just sales people!