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Tackling Large Projects

Large projects can be daunting … whether it is a project at home (a renovation, a new garden, planning a big trip) or a work project.  The trick is to break the project down into manageable pieces and to work your way through those pieces. 

Just a little more than a year ago I wrote a blog entry called Eating the Elephant… which was about this exact topic, with the analogy being to eat the elephant (the big project) one bite at a time(the manageable pieces).

So … when confronted with a large challenge

(a) don’t “freak out” … its OK to “freak out” a little but only inside yourself and just to get past the initial shock;

(b) then start to plan …

what are all of the things that need to happen,

arrange a timeline … some things will be dependent upon others happening first.  (You shouldn’t book hotels on a big trip until you know you can get there).

For each distinct task decide what is needed to complete it … tools, information. help, other resources etc. 

Then start to execute.

(c)  In essence you are creating a “project plan” just like any project manager … but it really doesn’t need to be complicated.

(d)  Of course if you need a Project Manager I’m sure we can find you one … for a price! 

The last word … the “small tasks” that you “bite off” need to be manageable (by your definition) or you WILL get into trouble.  Use the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) approach and you will amaze yourself at what you can accomplish!