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We Are All Different ... BUT All the Same Too!

What do I mean by that?

More importantly how can it help me?

1.  We are all different …

We are a unique combination of the physical and the mental.

We are as unique as snow flakes.

We cannot assume that other people think like us.

If we understand that we are all different then the IMPORTANCE of listening is not lost on us.

2.  We are all the same …

Sometimes we worry too much about our competition, about whether we are good enough, about what others will think, about the guy with all the letters after his title, the woman with all the experience, about the fact we are talking to a senior executive, etc.

ALL of those people have, or have had, the same concerns and fears that you do.

Some of those people are thinking exactly the same thoughts that you are!

If you enter “the fray” (sales situation, business transaction, negotiation etc) assuming everyone is is more qualified, better at their job, won’t take you seriously … then you have lost already!

Always assume you have everything it takes to be successful in the situation you find yourself … if you learn otherwise then nothing is lost and at a very minimum you learned something!

Life will surprise you both good and bad … but give yourself a chance by remembering

(i)   Your uniqueness might just win you the day; and

(ii)  Your sameness means you have nothing to fear!