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Winners,Losers AND Participants

I read a couple of stories this week that contrast two vastly different outlooks …

1. A Story About WINNERS!  The first story was a BBC story about a school in kenya where children train with the hope of winning scholarships to US universities as runners.  To them, this is their way to escape the poverty that otherwise defines their lives.  These people are motivated to exceed, to be the best, to escape their fate through hard work and talent.

2. A Story about PARTICIPANTS.  I also read a Globe and Mail story about Sport Canada’s latest approach to sport here in Canada … one that I will call the Road to Mediocrity.  It was a story in the Globe and Mail titled The Case for Killing the Competition.  The focus of Sport Canada and the 56 national sports it represents will be on participation and fun … not on winning! 

Newsflash Canada!  In the REAL WORLD … there are winners and there are losers. 

People learn how to be winners, by winning and by losing … NOT by “participating”.

There is nothing wrong with being a winner … nor is there anything wrong with losing.  What is wrong is not playing to win!

If you want mediocrity this is a great way to get it.

I LOVE the fact that Sport Canada want more people to participate … I HATE the fact that they think this is how to do it!

If you want success in life you will not get it by “participating’ you will get it by … working harder than your competition, by being smarter than your competition, by having a stronger mental attitude than your competition.

We operate in a Global Community and there are people just like those Kenyan runners, all over the world who want to WIN.  They want to WIN at everything we compete in, from sports to business to wars!  The ONLY way that we stay competitive is to be WINNERS not participants… because otherwise we might as well just give up now!