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Its Good to Care ... Just Don't Worry!

It is a fine line between not caring, and not worrying!

It is only by “caring” that we do our best work.

Worrying too much is detrimental to our health.

Worrying however is a very human trait, and I think most of us worry somewhat.  The trick is to use that emotion in a positive way to effect change … OR, if you cannot change an outcome then find a way NOT to worry.

For example:

If we “care” about our job then we will work hard to be successful … as a salesperson that might mean long hours, planning, building relationships and working towards those sales.   By “caring” we do everything we can to improve.

It is also normal for people who care about their job to worry about their results, about their performance etc.   If you have done everything you can then “worrying” is detrimental.  At that point you need to find a way to “let it go”.

The best employees “care” … just don’t let that “caring” affect your health.