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What Are You NOT Doing ... and At What Price?


As a business owner I will admit to being somewhat “driven“! 

It is a choice I have made … but I have also chosen to have other priorities in my life that I make time for.

Every now and again I am reminded of those choices.  Here are a few that I have made:

I just returned from a trip to the UK for my mother’s 90th birthday party!  I see my her every year, at least once a year, and for a significant visit.  I could never allow myself to be “too busy” for those trips!  I watched my 90 year old mom dance into a room full of people who helped her celebrate the “first 90 years”!   Tough to beat that!

I have always made time for my kids, I still see them very regularly despite them being adults now.  I coached their soccer for many years, never missing a match and only missed a very occasional practice in all those years.  I have been at every significant event in their lives, teacher interviews, sports games, graduation … you name it.  We have since adopted a family tradition of celebrating birthdays/Xmas/special days on a day that works for all of us … which works with their busy lives too, and allows them flexibility with their partner’s families! 

I have always found time for exercise … when the kids were small we started to invest in good home equipment and today we still have a good home gym that remains well used.  I have also played soccer my whole life, arranging my travel schedule to meet the team commitments.

So what is my point?

Even the busiest people can MAKE time for the things that are important to them … if it is important enough, you find a way!

There is tremendous pride in a successful career, and that takes hard work and dedication … but if you truly want to be happy you need to make time for ALL of the important things in your life. 

Don’t have regrets … live the life you want to live, the cost of not doing those important things is just not worth it.


Here are some ways that people will read this advice …

1.  Its more important to do the fun stuff than worry about your career … NOT my message;

2.  That’s easy for him to say, he is his own boss.  The glass half empty perspective … you always have choices, and you can be creative in meeting your goals.

3.  Now I can use this to tell my boss I need more “Work Life balance” …  NOT my message.  You are responsible for YOU … find a way to make your life what you want it to be.

PS.  This does not happen overnight … it takes a lot of work, a willingness to do what it takes to meet your ends and a positive attitude.